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Going Hiking This Winter? How To Choose The Best Boots For The Job

It’s always important to wear the right pair of boots when hiking, but it’s particularly important to choose a good pair when you’re going to be hitting the trails during the winter months. To ensure that you stay safe, warm and comfortable when you hit the trails, follow these tips to choose the perfect boots from places like The Shoe Box.


It’s always a good idea to look for waterproof boots when you’re hitting the trail, but it’s particularly important during the cold season. Ice and snow can melt and can cause extreme discomfort — in fact, in the worst situations, it can even cause hypothermia or frostbite. Therefore, it’s important to look for waterproof boots that will keep your feet completely dry when you’re out on the trails.

Proper Insulation

Obviously, you will want to make sure that your boots keep your feet as warm as possible when you’re hiking this winter. Don’t just look for the boots that “look” warm; in some cases, the fur and other accompaniments can be deceiving. Instead, look for boots that are insulated. Single-layer insulated boots are good in chilly temperatures, but you will want to look for double-layer insulated boots if you are going to be hitting the trails when it’s extremely cold outside or if you are going to be in conditions with a lot of ice and snow.

Compatible with Snowshoes

If you like to hike when it is snowy outside, you will probably want to use snowshoes to help you make it down the trail a little more easily. Therefore, you will want to look for boots that are fully compatible with your snowshoes. It’s important to look for boots that will fit comfortably with your snowshoe binding.

Proper Traction

Most boots are designed to have good traction, but some are definitely safer than others. When you’re hiking during the winter months, however, you have to make sure that your boots have great traction that are safe for walking in the snow and ice. Try your boots on, and make sure that they stick properly to the ground when you walk. You will also want to look for a nice, thick sole.

Going hiking during the winter months can be made a lot more comfortable, safe and warm if you wear the right pair of boots. If you’re unsure of which boots to get, look for these things. Then, you’re sure to stay as comfortable as possible when you hit the trails this winter season.

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