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3 Tips For Choosing Rental Skis

Renting skis has much less stress associated with the process than with buying skis largely because less money and overall commitment is at stake. However, you still need to put time and thought into the kind of skis that you choose to purchase. If you get the wrong skis, your entire day will either be ruined because you are out on the mountain and cannot switch to more appropriate skis, or you will spend far too much time swapping out your skis. Consider these three tips for choosing rental skis. They will increase the chances of getting perfect rental skis the first time.

1. Know Your Ski Conditions

If you are going to be renting skis for the day, make sure that you know the skiing conditions before you even enter the rental shop. This is because skis are often designed specifically for a single condition and will not work as well in any others. The three conditions that skis are made for are untamed, powdered snow (or snow that has just fallen and has not been changed), groomed, powdered snow (or snow that has fallen and has been packed down slightly), and packed snow (or snow that has been packed down consistently). You can usually ask anyone working at the ski lodge or resort what the conditions are.

2. Try the Skis

Before you go far away from the rental ski shop, make sure that you try the skis out. Go outside, put them on, and try to move around with your poles. If you are able to move easily and have a great deal of control, then you will probably enjoy both of these conditions when you are actually skiing. If it is hard for you to move around, then you probably want to consider changing your skis before you even leave the shop.

3. Match Your Experience Level

Talk to the rental shop owner and make sure that he or she understands your experience level. The shop owner will the be able to direct you to skis that will be suitable for your level of experience. People who have just started to ski will not want skis that have been engineered to go as fast as possible people who are experts will not want to deal with especially wide skis that are easy to balance.

For more information, talk to a rental shop owner (such as one from Rebel Sports Frisco). He or she will be committed to making sure that you find the skis that are best for you. 

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