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How To Make Your Child’s First Duck Hunting Trip A Success

Getting your child excited about hunting is all about their first experience. If your child is new to duck hunting, you want to do everything you can to ensure a successful hunt. Here are ways you can make their first duck hunting trip memorable and adventurous.

Hunt during migration

Migrating waterfowl are always on the lookout to strengthen their numbers, so migration season is the best time period to hunt ducks. Your decoys and aggressive duck calling will be much more successful as flocks fly overhead, since ducks will be interested in congregating with new waterfowl. Check your hunting season’s open days for duck hunting and keep an eye on your weather reports–ducks often begin migrating within a few days of the season’s first cold front. If you time your child’s first hunt just right, you should be able to call in many migrating birds for a successful hunt.

Consider a guided hunt

If you or your child are brand new to the world of duck hunting and don’t know where to start, consider a guided duck hunting tour. A guide will take you to prime duck nesting and migrating locations and show you the best way to lead the waterfowl for successful aiming. Once your child has bagged their first duck of the season, they will be more likely to want to continue duck hunting in the future.

Pick duck recipes

Everyone knows the key to a successful hunt lies in proper use of the animal that has been taken. Pick recipes you would like to try with your child once they have bagged their first duck. You can smoke duck jerky, cook a duck similar to a goose, or even place duck in a stew for a unique dining experience. Buy the supplies you need to cook any ducks you bring home before your hunting trip to help boost confidence in your child. If your child knows that they get to help prepare a meal with the duck they bag, they may be more ambitious about their first hunting adventure.

Success with duck hunting lies in knowing the proper times to hunt, having great recipes on-hand to prepare fresh birds, and using the assistance of a guided duck hunt if you don’t know where to start. If your child has a great experience with their first duck hunting adventure, they will be more likely to want to continue hunting waterfowl in the future. Use these tips to make your child’s first duck hunting trip a great one.