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3 Tips For Successful Inverted Poses

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Tips For Successful Inverted Poses

For many people new to yoga, inverted poses can be difficult to master. Not only do they require strength and balance, but it also takes a bit of courage to flip yourself over and balance on your head, hands, or upper back. It is important to recognize your hesitance regarding inverted poses and to create a plan to work up to the poses that you want to master. Here are three tips to make inverted poses easier.  Work Up To Each Pose  While each yoga pose has unique physical benefits, it is often the process of getting into a pose and building your strength, awareness, and confidence that you will most benefit from. Instead of simply throwing yourself into new inverted poses, you should ask your instructor for a series that you can practice to build up to the...

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