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4 Bachelor Party Ideas for Boat Owners

A guy’s last weekend as a bachelor should feature all of his favorite hobbies and pastimes, and this is especially true for boat owners. What many bachelors don’t realize, however, is just how many options there are for boating-based bachelor parties. If you spend all your time on the weekends out on your boat, then why should your bachelor party be any different? Here are four ideas for a seaworthy bachelor party that are perfect for any boat owner. 

Dockside Gatherings

Many boat owners will compare their native dock to a local bar in that everybody’s friendly and the regulars are a tight-knit crew. Therefore, even having a traditional bachelor’s party on your boat while it’s docked can be a fun way to shake things up from the typical bar crawl, and maybe even include some people from the dock that you might not otherwise get to hang out with. 

Shallow Water Fishing

This one is perfect for owners of smaller boats or center console models that are well suited to this type of fishing. Shallow water fishing can be far less stressful than deep sea fishing, simply because you don’t have to deal with the peril of being caught in a major storm or the drudgery of making it to an offshore fishing spot. If you’re really up for something new, then shallow water bow fishing is another option to up the ante. Just make sure to keep the beer drinkers and bow fishers in two separate categories. If your boat needs a tune up before the big weekend, consider taking it to a local servicing specialist, such as Boater’s Landing.

Cigar Tasting

No bachelor party or wedding weekend is complete without a good cigar or two, and if you and your friends are aficionados, then a cigar tasting is a fun way to explore new flavors with your buddies on a relaxing night out on the boat. Boats are well suited for this activity because you won’t be imbuing your home, car, or neighbor’s noses with what they might consider an unpleasant scent. 

Offshore Cookouts

Sure, a backyard cookout is a classic way to enjoy your last few nights as a bachelor, but to take this idea a step further, heading to a small offshore island for grilling and yard games is just the ticket for many. To combine this idea with fishing, nothing beats a traditional shore lunch of freshly caught fish served up fresh on a portable grill. Even if you don’t want to anchor at an island or sand bar, picking up a gunnel-mounted grill can keep all of the fun offshore for a floating feast.