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Fencing Footwork Begins With A Fundamental Stance

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Fencing Footwork Begins With A Fundamental Stance

Every beginner fencer needs to focus his or her concentration on learning the most important aspect of fencing: the stance. Everything in fencing begins with a proper stance. Without a good foundation, you will soon find that you are vulnerable to your opponent, plus unable to successfully attack your opponent’s weaknesses when you notice an opening. A poor stance will also make it very difficult for the beginner fencer to correct any mistakes. The fencing stance begins with what is termed the on-guard stance. This is the initial foot position from which every move in fencing begins. Rear Foot To set the on-guard beginning stance, the fencer should take the foot that is opposite their handedness and establish that firmly as the rear foot. The foot should be turned perpendicular the center of the body and your opponent. While...

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