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The Differences Between A “License To Carry” Permit And A “License For Concealed Carry” Permit And Why It Matters

In a day and age where citizens can now carry concealed weapons, the gun control issue has become the forefront of many political debates. Some people feel that it was a right given to them by the Founding Fathers to carry a concealed weapon, but that particular interpretation of the Constitutional Amendment may not be quite accurate. Still, you can choose to exercise that privilege by taking a class for “concealed carry.” You can also take a class for a “license to carry,” which is a slightly different matter altogether. Here are the differences between these two permits/licenses and why it matters.

License to Carry

A “license to carry” is that piece of paper you apply for that states you can and are able to own, carry and use a firearm.

You can acquire this license one of three ways:

  • By being in law enforcement
  • By taking a gun safety class and passing a criminal background check
  • By applying for the license and waiting the required time in your state to buy a gun (this may be in lieu of a criminal background check or in addition to it, depending on the state in which you reside)

Once you have acquired your license to carry, you can show this to any gun seller and make a purchase of one or more guns. Without the license to carry, you cannot legally purchase or use firearms. The license to carry is not the same as a “concealed carry” permit, and cannot be used in place of this permit when you are carrying firearms on your person or in your vehicle.

The “Concealed Carry” License/Permit

This document may be an actual license in some states and just a permit in others. When it is a license, you are usually required to take a complete course on carrying concealed weapons before you are given the license. As a permit, you may not have to take a course beyond gun safety, something which you may have already taken to get your license to carry. The “concealed carry” license/permit allows you to carry at least one firearm on your person or in your vehicle that is hidden from view. This document is in addition to and separate from your license to carry.

If you encounter police officers, you may have to announce that you are carrying and then show them your permit/license so they do not shoot you. Typically, you do not have to announce that you have a weapon in your vehicle that is unseen, nor do you have to allow a police officer to search your vehicle. The concealed carry license/permit has some other restrictions you will need to follow in order to continue carrying this piece of paper and an unseen firearm on your person. Contact a business, such as 4HrLTC.COM, for more information.