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Four Questions To Ask Before Signing Up For A Guided Fishing Trip

If you enjoy fishing, but have never tried to fish for large fish before, you may want to consider a guided fishing trip. There are guided fishing trips available throughout the year that are very affordable and allow you to experience something new and exciting in a safe, fun way. If you are considering a guided fishing trip, use the guide below to know what things to ask before going on the trip.

What Attire to Wear

Ask the guide what attire you need to bring with you to wear on the boat. Some captains have restrictions about what people can and cannot wear on their boat. Sandals and flip flops are often prohibited on fishing vessels for safety reasons. A hook could easily get stuck in someone’s foot if they are not wearing protective shoes.

If All of the Necessary Equipment Is Provided

Many fishing trips include most of the equipment that you would need for the trip. You will not need to bring your rod, reel, or tackle box as it should all be included in the cost of the trip. You may need to bring a cooler to keep your portion of the fish that are caught cool on your way home.

If Fish Cleaning Is Included

When you go on a guided fishing trip you will be fishing with other people who have paid for the trip. All of the fish that is caught will be divided between all of you equally. Many guide companies offer fish cleaning and division when you arrive back at the dock after your trip. You need to be sure that the cost of the cleaning is included in the trip or that you know how much it will cost when you arrive back at the dock so that you can plan accordingly.

If Accommodations Are Included

If the trip is going to last a couple of days, you need to find out if accommodations are included in the cost of the trip or if you will need to pay for them separately. You want to be sure that you know exactly how much you will be spending on the trip before you sign up for it and taking the cost of where you will be staying at night is important.

Once you know all of the information listed above, you will be ready to make an informed decision about which fishing trip is right for you. Be sure to book the fishing trip with a company like Rip Lips Fishing as soon as you can, as there are limited spots available on each boat.