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Packing For Your Chartered Boat Trip

Spending time on the open sea can be a fun and unique way to spend your vacation. If you lack the sailing skills required to operate a sailboat on your own, you can still enjoy the vastness of the ocean by investing in a chartered boat.

Knowing how to pack for a chartered boat trip can be challenging if you haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time on a ship, so here are three tips you can use to ensure you pack properly for your next open-water vacation.

1. Opt for a duffel bag instead of a suitcase.

Storage space on a recreational vessel is extremely limited, so you must carefully consider the type of luggage you pack your belongings in as you prepare for a chartered boat trip. Instead of using a suitcase (which features a rigid frame), opt for a duffel bag.

Once your belongings have been taken out of the bag and placed into a storage drawer, you can easily roll up a duffel bag so that it will not take up valuable storage space aboard your chartered boat.

2. Pack clothing that can serve dual purposes.

Since you won’t be able to pack many outfits to take along on your chartered boat trip, it’s essential that the clothing you do pack has the ability to serve multiple purposes. It can be beneficial to invest in a swimsuit cover-up that is elegant enough to be worn into a beachside restaurant when your chartered boat docks for the night.

Investing in a pair of solid-colored swim bottoms will allow you to mix and match your tops so that you can change your look without packing a lot of swimsuits. Ensuring that the clothing you pack for your chartered boat trip can serve multiple purposes will help you reduce the number of clothing items you take along on your open-sea boating trip.

3. Make sure the clothing items you pack will dry easily.

When spending time aboard a chartered boat, you can plan on being exposed to the spray of the surf and possibly some inclement weather. Being stuck in wet clothing can be miserable, so it’s imperative that you pack clothing items that will dry easily.

Rather than packing denim pants or shorts and cotton t-shirts (which can take a long time to dry and may wrinkle during the drying process), opt to include clothing items made from ocean-friendly materials like linen or nylon instead.

Knowing how to pack for your chartered boat trip, such as with Chicago Watercraft. will help make your next open-ocean vacation memorable for all the right reasons.