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Love Yoga? Perform These Three Types To Get Your Whole Family Involved

If you’re the type of person who enjoys visiting your local yoga studio to unwind and stay in shape, you might occasionally wish to include your family members in this activity. While you can always take a family member to a beginner’s yoga class, there are many types of specialized yoga that can appeal to family members of various experience levels. Depending on the areas of interest of your family members, here are three types of yoga that are worth signing up for.

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga, performed with your spouse or partner, is a fun way to connect and enjoy some quality time together. Partner yoga poses rely on two people to perform, and you’ll likely enjoy this new form of contact – and you’ll likely have a few laughs as you contort your bodies into different positions. In one pose, for example, you each sit upright with your legs crossed and your backs against each other. You then lock elbows and turn from side to side with each other. A beginner’s yoga class will introduce you to such basic poses, but if you and your partner enjoy this new activity, you can work your way up to the intermediate or advanced level, where the poses get more challenging.

Baby Yoga

If you have a newborn baby, baby yoga is an ideal way to include some activity in your day, get out of the house and meet some other mothers with newborns. Baby yoga is a fun way to connect with your son or daughter; while you perform poses on your mat, he or she lies beside or below you, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to smile and laugh with each other. In some poses, you can even position the infant to lie on your chest or stomach, which can help to develop the bond with your child.

Yoga For Athletes

When you have a teenager who is active in any number of sports, taking a yoga class geared toward athletes is ideal. This type of class often works on accentuating each student’s core muscles – and developing a strong core is necessary for success in a wide range of sports, given that much of the body’s power comes from this area. It can occasionally be difficult to find common interests with teenagers, but if you’re both athletically inclined and open to this type of yoga, it can be something you look forward to each week.

For more information, contact Mindful Yoga Tips or a similar organization.